During the hot summer months, the Aqua Force Crossbow garden water toy delivers a cool blast of fun. It has the ability to fire water balloons up to eighty feet per launch. Children and adults eight and over will have a water blast of fun shooting these balloons off at their friends and family. What better way to keep your friends cools than by sending a blast of cool water their way? Dress up your next birthday celebration with the cold blasts of water that will be delivered by you and the Aqua Force crossbow.

They are simple to use. Just fill up a balloon, load the balloon in the end, pull, aim and fire. They can help individuals develop strength in their upper torso with the pull and release mechanisms that deliver these bombs of water over 80 feet.

Loading is a snap and before long, no enemy is safe from being soaked by your water balloons. Some people have other uses for the Aqua Force crossbow. They use them strictly for protection against the neighbours barking dogs, zombie attacks, and survival! This will be a great weapon of choice during a doomsday scenario. Just load, aim, and shoot to cool off the barking dog and the unwanted friendly intruder without causing harm to them. (These are not weapons meant for actual protection.)

Have your crossbow loaded and aimed at any individual seeking revenge or attack on your home. Loaded and ready to launch, these balloons add fun to any back garden pool party or BBQ. They make perfect gifts for the friends and family. Everyone loves shooting a crossbow but when a blast of water is added to the equation, its “ready, aim, and fire” for an unforgettable game. This blue and orange gun comes complete with 50 ready to fill and fire balloons. They are available for purchase online. Do not miss the fun and excitement of the Aqua Force Crossbow. Purchase yours today and be ready to blast the summer heat right out of the equation. Be sure and check out the many different Aqua products available for your backyard summer fun.

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