Wine lovers around the world can now rejoice! You can now take the drink of the gods anywhere with you at anytime. Everyone knows that you cannot put new wine in old bottles. Maybe you can put in a Baggy Winecoat instead.

The Baggy Winecoat is a boxed wine drinker’s dream come true. First, you won’t have to always look at boxes of wine whenever you open your refrigerator, so the Baggy Winecoat will save you plenty of space. The Baggy Winecoat is a sophisticated, chic and practical accessory. Place a bag of your favourite wine and go. The stable bottom of the bag means that you can place the bag on any solid surface and not worry about it tilting over. A Baggy Winecoat will work everywhere from family outings, like picnics, to romantic rendezvous. Plus, who really wants to have to run and get more wine when the wining and dining is well underway. Stick in a couple of ice packs and keep the drinks flowing.

If you disguise your Baggy Winecoat correctly, then you might never have to pay for wine when you are out again. You can totally pull it off as a small purse. A discreet piece of ribbon around the nozzle and no one would suspect that it is a Baggy Winecoat. Gentlemen, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a female in your life to carry around a Baggy Winecoat. Men can tie a tie or a sports banner around the nozzle; plenty of men carry around murses, or man purses, nowadays. The Baggy Winecoat is more than an accessory, it can also be an investment. Just think of all the money that you can save on wine with a Baggy Winecoat.

Save money and drink your wine too – cheers to that.

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