If individuals are searching for a Chimenea with grill, they should check out some of the Oxford barbecues.These Chimenea are useful when barbecuing outside when friends are visiting and they are great for staying warm well in to the night. They are decorative and add a look of country elegance to any garden area and look very sturdy and well put together.

If searching for size, they are available in 85cm tall by 40 cm wide. Most are made out of a cast iron, usually in smokey black or black with a grill that swings outwards. They are great to use in burning all solid type fuels such as wood. This is described as clean burning and efficient by anyone that uses it. The chimeane with pull out grills are energy efficient and easily maintained.

The Chimenea is cast iron grayish black with three supportive legs. The open swing door grate will offer a romantic warmth that everyone enjoys sitting beside. The Chimenea has a swing out grill that individuals can cook their meals on. Inviting friends over for a dinner party and sitting beside the Chimenea will provide the warmth and ambiance for the dinner party. The swing out grill will allow individuals to BBQ without having to drag out the bulky large bbq grill.

Use the Chimenea to accent their outside garden area. These do come in a variety of styles. There is the round with the grate, the round without the grate and the patio deck or garden style that is square with the multi-pitched top. Adding these to any flower gardens, patios, decks or a terrace will help your home and garden become multi-functional and with a unique design.

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