The Brooklyn Freerider Skatecycle is the new design in skate action. This design allows skateboarders to ride in style with a unique structure generated to assist skaters to travel such as the skaters and skate boarders do with a design that twists and glides. There is no kicking or pushing of this Freerider Skatecycle because it is made of an axle that is double jointed and it travels with use of a twisting movement of the body. Eyes and heads will turn to watch this unique way of traveling.

The new generation of individuals enjoys riding this Skatecycle to school or the skate park. Individuals are learning to propel and move this skater up and down the skate parks, on the pavement and in parking lots. Young adults and teenagers alike all enjoy the use of these skate cycles. This two-wheeled skater will move on any street or flat surface that an individual is traveling on. The skater will need to practice for a short period but will master quickly. They will be the envy of their friends and others when they race by on these uniquely developed and designed skaters.The new skatecycles offer the skater a great workout while learning to ride them. The twisting action is a great way for the skater to work on some muscles that in the past have probably been ignored. A typical skateboard only uses the legs to propel the board. A Skatecycle will use the abdominal muscles, the obliques, and the leg muscles alike. Imagine having great fun while developing a tight muscular physique.

The Skatecycle of the future is the Brooklyn Freerider. It is sturdy and solid built. It will accommodate most individuals that are capable of pushing a typical skateboard down the sidewalk. It is the next in futuristic and fantastic fun. It folds for easy storage and offers the individual the ability to carry or transport between rides. Place feet in the center of the Skatecycle, twist your body and you are on your way. These new skatecycles can be ordered below so check it out.

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