I have tried several massage chairs out over the years and nothing gives a massage like human hands. However, there are now some great products on the market that I have tried, owned and loved!

When I used to sell Hot Tubs we also used to supply a range of massage chairs called KEYTON. These massage chairs start from around £800 to £4,500 so they’re not cheap but they are pretty amazing and comfy to relax in even when not in massage mode. I sit in mine when watching a film so often fall asleep. In fact I think I have never seen the end of a film since owning one!

Whenever my parents visit the first thing my Mum does when she arrives at my house is plonk herself down in my Keyton massage chair, she grabs the remote control and starts her 15 minute shiatsu massage. As for Dad, well, his happy with a nice strong cuppa tea on the sofa. As it was Mothers day last body massager after trying one out at a friends house.

Having sold what I thought was the ultimate massage chairs I was pleasantly surprised the Scholl massage chair especially for under £65.00! I thought it would be pretty lame but NO it was “AMAZING”. It gave me a really deep shiatsu massage and worked all the areas of my back that needed attention.

TIP: If you wanted to soften the massage a little you can put a towel or pillow between the massage chair and your back which will make the massage a little less intense. For ME, it’s perfect!

Has anyone ever tried the coin operated massage chairs in Gatwick or Heathrow airport then you will not be disappointed in the quality of this budget massage chair. As this massage chair is so lightweight you will be able to carry it from room to room and pack it away when you’re finished. You can almost put the massage chair anywhere near a plug socked. If you lay it flat the massage chair in to a flat position your body weight on the machine will make the massage harder.

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