There is a fantastic product on the market called the CPR (Call Prevention Registry) call blocker that will help limit those annoying telemarketer and unavailable calls. Many of these types of phone calls haunt us during evening hours and times that we should be relaxing. The call blocker is worth every penny if you want to put a STOP to these types of calls!

Some users report that this product blocks up to 15 unwanted calls a day. The only requirement is that you will need to enable your caller id for the call blocker to work effectively to block anonymous callers. With the caller id enabled, individuals will be able to see who is calling and with the click of one button will be able to block telemarketers or even people they know and don’t want to speak with. The CPR call blocker gives a family peace of mind and is simple to install on the home phone. Remember, requiring only caller ID to be enabled, you’ll be free from annoying calls that interrupt your relaxing time.

How many times have you got up out of the easy chair just to answer an annoying telemarketing call? How many times are you fumbling with your house keys to get to the ringing phone, just to learn that there is an annoying telemarketer on the other end of the line? How many times have you gotten up from the sofa during a great film, and missed a good part of it just to answer a call that you wish you could have ignored!? Well this product is a fantastic answer to your problem. Let the CPR Call blocker deal with these pests!

It silences the Robot calls before they reach your phone. The CPR Call Blocker is pre-programmed with 200 known numbers which have been allocated as nuisance callers and will block any call originating from any of these numbers.. There is the ability to block unwanted callers at the touch of one button. Just touch the block now button and those telemarketing calls will no longer be a nuisance to you. This system is simple to use and it blocks recordings, overseas, malicious, or international calls.

CPR Call Blocker is available just by calling and ordering. It comes with everything necessary to install in a few moments. Plug it in to your phone and block those nuisance calls immediately.  It is understood that individuals want to be free from constantly answering those annoying calls. By blocking those telemarketing calls, individuals can once again enjoy having their phone back to receive the calls from family and friends.

Unsolicited sales calls plague individuals daily and the telemarketers do not want to take no for an answer. Companies purchase phone numbers from form you have filled out online. Ex directory seems to stand for nothing these days! Why should individuals have to put up with the constant calls from companies or telemarketers?

Check out the CPR Call Blocker and be free from nuisance and annoying phone calls forever.

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