“Call Me Maybe” has taken on a whole new meaning. Enjoy these Hi-Call bluetooth gloves. These gloves will help your hands stay toasty and protected while you are on the phone. The Hi-Call bluetooth gloves fit snug like a glove. The Hi-Call bluetooth gloves are also super discreet.

How it works

Hi-Call bluetooth gloves wirelessly sync with your smartphone. The synchronize set-up works just like a regular hands-free device. The installation is super quick and easy. The gloves have a built-in speaker and microphone in the thumb and little finger. When you use the Hi-Call bluetooth gloves you have to make the phone sign. When in doubt, pretend you are a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent pleading for votes with the classic phone sign. The gloves also come with an integrated control panel; you never have to take out your actual phone to operate the control panel. The Hi-Call bluetooth gloves are conveniently touchscreen friendly. Don’t worry about missing that important phone call; there’s a multifunction button located on the wrist that you just press when you have an incoming call.

If you worry about losing your iPhone personal assistant, also known as Siri, then quit worrying. Use the same multifunction button on the wrist to access Siri and other voice dialing features. Chances are that you already have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) lying around. If you do have access to a USB, then you are in luck. You can charge your Hi-Call bluetooth gloves with a USB cable. The gloves also have the blue LED flashing light that shows the strength of your connection. The operating range is twelve metres.

Who can use Hi-Call bluetooth gloves?

Bluetooth gloves definitely come in handy for anyone. The Hi-Call bluetooth gloves are made in Milan and are of good quality. The black and grey colours make them perfect for men and women. People who work outdoors can definitely benefit from their warmth and durability. You won’t need to worry about losing the Hi-Call bluetooth gloves, like you would with the hands-free earpiece device, if you are doing intense physical activity. The gloves will also protect your hands from the elements, e.g. snow and wind. The gloves are super unique. Even though they keep your hands nice and warm, they are also the perfect conversation icebreaker. The fit boy/girl who you might fancy might take a cue and ring you maybe.

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