Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden (Butterfly kits) provides a learning activity for young children that teach the metamorphosis of the butterfly. This will offer young children the ability to learn how a larvae turns into a butterfly by watching the process. Things in nature are always interesting to children. They love to run out into the fields, pick up bugs and insects, and place them into a jar so that they can watch them. There is something about watching bugs in their habitats that thrills a small child. This butterfly garden is for the ages four to fourteen. It is a good idea for children under four to have one of the habitats without adult supervision. A child can use this habitat repeatedly. Collecting larvae and watching the butterflies develop from the larvae has always been a fun and exciting activity for a child.

This great science project will possibly lead to an interest in collecting and working with science later in life. The kit comes with five real live caterpillars that the children can feed and take care of until they turn into the butterflies. When the parent purchases this product, they will receive a coupon for the caterpillar eggs that will hatch and then be sent to the children. The garden is a twelve-inch net habitat that is in a colorful green design. The kit also includes food for the caterpillar. Children will be very excited when they see these larvae change into the beautiful butterflies that are colorful and playful. There are other products similar to this that children may enjoy as well.

Children will sit and watch the butterflies when they change from the larvae. These kits make wonderful birthday and holiday gifts for a child. Purchasing the Insect Lore live butterfly garden is a fantastic way to get children involved and excited about science and nature. The children can also use these gardens for science projects. When this garden is fully active, children will want to continue doing this activity. As soon as the butterflies are fluttering around in the garden, the child will be out looking for more larvae to place in the garden. This garden is a wonderful educational product for any child to learn to love nature and science

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