Could you fall in love with a robot? The Founders of the iRobot vacuum cleaners believe that you can and will. This company has created a new vacuum, which can revolutionise our old bulky vacuum cleaners. They started their business 22 years ago so they know what they are doing when it comes to innovation.It took five years to get from the first prototype to the finished product: the irobot vacuum.

These robot vacuums are the first affordable, self-cleaning vacuums in the world. It was introduced in September of 2002 and they have now sold more than 5 million. This company is so successful and deliver their customers vacuuming needs.

So what is it that has people going crazy about iRobot vacuum cleaners?

Thanks to this amazing creation you can say goodbye to your old bulky vacuums that are hard to store, because the robot cleaners are small and light weight. This means that you will no longer have to worry about having to find somewhere to store your huge vacuum. All you need is a corner somewhere in the house to put the vacuum port, so that the robot vacuum can charge in between cleanings. Another great aspect of this vacuum is that you do not have to worry about that irritating loud noise that normal vacuums make, because this vacuum is relatively quiet, so you will hardly know it is on at all.

Perhaps the best thing about this robot vacuum cleaner is that is moves around on its own. Who wants to take all the time to vacuum their self when they could have a vacuum that will do it for them? This robot vacuum can make cleaning the floors in your house very simple. Since the robot vacuum cleaner is totally automatic, it is able to learn its way around the room picking up all the dirt and dust on the floor as it goes.

This robot cleaner is even able to reach those annoying hard to reach places like the edges and the corners, leaving your whole floor spotless. Not only does it move around and clean own its own it even puts back on the charger. In our world today, everything moves at such a fast paste, leaving hardly any free time for ourselves, but this vacuum can allow you to have more free time. So it is no wonder why people would love this amazing vacuum, because the only part you are really doing when it comes to vacuuming is turning it on to get it started, it does everything else on its own. It does not get any easier than that!

I believe that the iRobot vacuum cleaner would be a great addition to any home. The creators wanted to create something that would make our lives a little easier, and they did just that. This vacuum, takes up very little room, and it rids your house of the unwanted dirt and dust from the floor as it shoots of to clean on its own! Moving that old heavy vacuum back and forth across the floor will become a thing of the past. Instead you might be able to catch you on your favorite show or even curl up with a good book which of course you will be able to enjoy because the vacuum is very quiet.

I cannot think of a single reason why this would not be a great addition to anyone’s home.

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