First day of spring and the sun has got his hat…. Yipeee!!! As I have an online business everything I do is via a laptop or PC so when it’s as glorious as this there is nothing more enjoyable than taking myself outdoor and working from a deckchair. However one big downside is the glare from the sun on the screen which almost puts a stop to getting any work done.

I had a little search online for a solution to the problem of sun glare on my laptop and found a gadget that seems to tick all the boxes so I can carry on working and carry on enjoying the sun. I know for me it will be so nice not having to go back inside the house to work when it’s sunny!

Having looked at other sunscreens for laptops all the companies seem to be based in America and places like that, I guess England just isn’t sunny enough to have gadgets like this in electrical retail shops and if they do then I haven’t found who sell them! The picture of the one I found online seems to be perfect for anyone with a 12 – 17 inch laptop/screen. Because the laptop sun shield is portable you could even take it on holiday.

I can see this laptop sunscreen being another one of my top useful purchases of 2012.

If anyone else orders a laptop sunscreen then please don’t forget to leave a review so other people can get a true and honest feedback on this product.

Right, I better get on with some work (Crunchie Milkshake first Enjoy the sun and don’t forget to click the share button if you know anyone else that might think this laptop sunscreen would be something they would LOVE too.

Laptop sun screen – Computer sun shield allows you to work in the sun

SUN and LAPTOPS don’t mix if you’ve got work to be done! However, with a sun screen for your laptop you’ll be able to work and enjoy the SUN. Read the reviews

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Walimex Pop-Up 50cm Laptop Tent Super - Black
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List Price: £41.79
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Product Description

Are you also an enthusiastic outdoor photographer? Then you know: when working outdoors, it isn?t just about finding the optimal light for the shoot, but for controlling the picture on the laptop direct sunlight on the display has to be avoided as well. Wouldn?t it be frustrating only to notice after returning to your photo studio that the result of many hours of work is a disappointment? In order to avoid such a disappointment, and to make a correct picture and color control on location possible, walimex has created the innovative pop-up laptop tent. In the photo studio too, the tent can be used perfectly for avoiding unwanted reflections and glares on the laptop display.

Even in strong sunshine, it offers reliable protection for your laptop and an excellent view of the display. For this the inside of the tent has been coated with a light swallowing coating. In order to minimize the exposure to light you can partially cover the front opening so that an opening remains at the top for a view of the display and at the bottom for operating the laptop. For possible cables, there are two openings on the back of the laptop tent that can be covered when not in use. At the same time the tent offers your laptop protection against dirt, dust and splash water.

Like a light cube, the laptop tent is assembled and disassembled quickly due to its convenient pop-up technique. It can be folded to a fracture of its size and can be stored in a transport bag. Due to its compact size and low weight it fits into every photo bag.

Weight & dimensions

-Width: 500 mm
-Depth: 500 mm
-Height: 500 mm
-Weight: 410 g


-Colour of product: Black
-Material: Fiber

Product Details

  • sunlight and light protection for laptops, e.g., for outdoor shootings
  • avoids reflections on the display – removable front cover with Velcro
  • better view of the display for better color and picture control on location
  • light swallowing coating on the inside – with convenient pop-up technique
  • extremely lightweight and compact

Price Comparison

Walimex Pop-Up 50cm Laptop Tent Super – Black

Walimex Pop-Up 50cm Laptop Tent Super - Black
Merchant: Mediaresort – Foto Studio Equipment


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