The Darth-Vader lego Alarm Clock is a perfect gift for the Star wars enthusiast. Impressively built to appear as black Legos, this alarm clock is a mini-statue of the Darth Vader from the star wars movie. With the black suit and oversized mask, this alarm clock is reminiscent of the actual character. The only thing that is missing is the cool breathing sound that Darth Vader made on the movie. This cool clock will wake you up in the true Star Wars way. It comes boxed in a collectors box that makes this alarm clock a perfect addition to any star wars collection.
Darth Vader is just one of the many figures that are seen in the movie. He is one of the most portrayed characters of the dark side. This clock shows us how to keep the fantasy alive with the sci-fi and futuristic style of the Lego clock. The face of the Darth Vader clock will light up when the head is pushed down on and there is the opportunity of the five-minute snooze. The clock is digital and is fully operable with use of A batteries. The snooze and alarm offers a beeping sound so there is not the heavy breathing or loud noise that generally scares people out of bed. It is a great clock for a child’s room and is easy to order. Children will love how the legs move on these clocks. They will enjoy hours of playing with the clocks features.

Darth Vader is only one of the many Mini-figure alarm clocks that can be an asset to anyone’s room. These clocks are 24 cm high and 13.5 cm wide. They do not take up a lot of space on the nightstand but they sure do draw attention when seen. The clock appeals to the young and old alike. Children because of its toy like appearance and Adults because of the memories of the award-winning movie. This Darth Vader Lego alarm clock will be one of the most collectible items in household memorabilia. People that collect these types of items that are still in boxes can sometimes hold on to them for later sales. The clock is perfect for anyone that loves games, toys and the star wars saga.

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