Do you get free mobile network minutes, or better still, unlimited mobile minutes? liGo Bluewave is a smart way to save time and money if this is the case!

The liGo Bluewave lets you make and receive calls from any home phone. Instead of fumbling with countless cables, liGo Bluewave is simple to set-up with one-touch activation. liGo Bluewave is compatible with any Bluetooth mobile phone and corded and cordless home phones, with or without landlines. If you have more than one mobile phone, then liGo Bluewave can still work for you because you can connect up to three mobile phones.

Even though people do not use their home phones as much as before, many home phone owners can’t seem to part with them. Many homes also have more than one home phone. With liGo Bluewave, home owners and small business owners, who operate in the home, can save lots of money, especially those with unlimited mobile data plans. Since liGo Bluewave doesn’t require a landline, you can easily cancel your subscription. This way you can still rely on your mobile and get more use out of your home phone for less.

You’ll never have to worry about the dreaded dead spots in your home. As long as you keep your mobile phone in the spot in your home that always has great reception, you are free to walk around and make and take your calls from anywhere in the home. If you live in a large home, then liGo Bluewave can definitely help you stay more mobile and connected without any dropped calls.

liGo Bluewave is a great product for the elderly or people with disabilities and limitations. liGo Bluewave is a fantastic way for those who may not be able to adapt to new technologies to still stay connected. They can keep the convenience and familiarity of the home phone.

iPhone users are going to love this. If you love the idea of liGo Bluewave but you cannot ever see yourself parting with your personal assistant, commonly known as Siri, don’t worry because you don’t have to. liGo Bluewave still gives you access to Siri. Skype users shouldn’t feel left out either because liGo Bluewave is also compatible with Skype.

While it’s pretty obvious that liGo Bluewave can definitely save you money, it is also a real time saver. How many times has your mobile’s battery meter gone down precisely when you need it the most? Instead of waiting for your mobile to charge back up, liGo Bluewave helps you stay productive. Luckily, most home phones have batteries that can last for hours. If your home phone battery dies, then you can just reach for the next home phone.

Overall, liGo Bluewave is a money saving tool that can help you stay productive when you need to and keep the meaningful conversations that can go on for hours going without interruptions.

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