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Are you an person that loves reading on the go? This perfect compact reader can store up to 1400 books at one time.The new Kindle only weighs 170 grams and is smaller than some of the other available readers.


iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Could you fall in love with a robot? The Founders of the iRobot vacuum cleaners believe that you can and will. This company has created a new vacuum, which can revolutionise our old bulky vacuum cleaners.


Photocube Compact Photo Printer

The photo cube Smartphone compact printer is an awesome printer that offers individuals the ability to print images straight from their own Smartphone without going to the printing company and pulling out the memory chip from the phone. The process of sending photos from your phone to the printer only takes a minute and will save lots of time and money. The Smartphone printer produces very high quality prints, even clearer and better than the printing shops. Read the rest of this entry

Go Pro HD Motorsports Hero Motorsports Kit

GoPro HD Motorsports Hero is a wonderful mountable camera that was developed with the professional’s sports enthusiasts in mind. This camera is a professional sports camera that can be worn by individuals that are taking pictures of athletes and sports related activities. Imagine riding a motorcycle behind a race, with the camera attached to the bike. The performance and the capability to film the whole event is at your fingertips. This camera is also great to shoot a video tape of a sporting event. The whole game or performance can be filmed without losing any parts of these performances. Read the rest of this entry

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Minifigure Clock

The Darth-Vader lego Alarm Clock is a perfect gift for the Star wars enthusiast. Impressively built to appear as black Legos, this alarm clock is a mini-statue of the Darth Vader from the star wars movie. With the black suit and oversized mask, this alarm clock is reminiscent of the actual character. The only thing that is missing is the cool breathing sound that Darth Vader made on the movie. This cool clock will wake you up in the true Star Wars way. It comes boxed in a collectors box that makes this alarm clock a perfect addition to any star wars collection. Read the rest of this entry

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden (Butterfly kits) provides a learning activity for young children that teach the metamorphosis of the butterfly. This will offer young children the ability to learn how a larvae turns into a butterfly by watching the process. Things in nature are always interesting to children. They love to run out into the fields, pick up bugs and insects, and place them into a jar so that they can watch them. There is something about watching bugs in their habitats that thrills a small child. This butterfly garden is for the ages four to fourteen. Read the rest of this entry

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