The photo cube Smartphone compact printer is an awesome printer that offers individuals the ability to print images straight from their own Smartphone without going to the printing company and pulling out the memory chip from the phone. The process of sending photos from your phone to the printer only takes a minute and will save lots of time and money. The Smartphone printer produces very high quality prints, even clearer and better than the printing shops. This printer uses dye sublimation to print these fantastic and clear photos for you while you watch. You can print high gloss any way you choose on the photo cube. Small size 17.5 cm by 15 cm, this cube fits on any desk. It is extremely simple to use by connecting your android or Ipads units into a USB. Your compact cartridge will print out 36 colourful pictures and there are no issues with maintenance or paper jams. The app to use the photo cube is free to download to your Smartphone or android.

The photo cube Smartphone printer is available for purchase online and is very affordable. It takes the guesswork out of printing photos and is very convenient when sent from your ipad or Smartphone devices. Choose the images that you wish to print and send them to the cube. If you are a young couple and take photographs that you do not wish anyone else to see, this is the printer for you. There is no computer required to use this wonderful printer. It takes less than a minute to print your photo and the resolution is 300 x 300 with 256 gradations and 16.7 million colours this printer can support your jpeg photos. This photo cube printer will save loads of money on printing your images. You will be able to send your images straight from your Smartphone to the printing dock from anywhere. Just snap your photo and send it to the cube. These photos will be sitting in the dock read for your framing when you get home.

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