No party is complete without a cardboard cut-out of the queen. Her majesty would love to come to your party I’m sure. This is the perfect size imitation of the Queen to stand in the corner of your living room during that birthday party or Jubilee celebration. Who would not be impressed with her majesty appearing at door when guests arrive?! Queen Elizabeth II will gladly hold your bundle of colourful balloons for you. There is no need for security at this royal Birthday party. Her majesty can also stand beside your bed or sofa to keep you company while watching television or reading a book. She will not interrupt your television program nor will she talk your ears off when you are trying to read your favourite book.

The portable queen cut out is dressed up in her long white evening gown and tiara. She will bring prestige to any event that you plan. Her majestic presence sparkles with a sign of distinction and wealth that can only be conveyed by the presence of one of the members of the royal family. When it comes to elegance and a classic symbolism of upper crust royalty, her majesty showers the party with her magnificent presence and persona. Minus the armed royal guards, she will make your guests believe they are special with her standing ever so still for photo after photo.

Imagine how great it will be to have her attend your entire engagement and at the end of the night, you can politely stand her in the closet with your dirty shoes! Notice that she never has to run home and change her attire and is always ready for being the life of the engagement at the opening of the door. She is always ready for pictures and will always stay where you put her.

When you say long live the Queen, this portable queen will do just that if you look after her!

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