The awesome new XBOX 360 interactive fitness game Zumba Fitness Rush is now on the market. The Kinect work out experience is fun and effective. Dance fitness is the new workout rush that everyone is excited about and cannot wait to experience. The opportunity for a full and total body workout is innovative. Working out is no longer mundane but is now exciting and inventive. Individuals are learning new dances while receiving a full body workout. Individuals can learn twenty-four new dance routines. These dance routines are supportive for one and two people. Some of the dance moves that individuals learn are oldies such as the Merengue and Cumbia, and new dances like the Ragga, Quebradita, and the Bollywood. Culture and rhythm is set from around the world. The game is set to instruct individuals in the dance steps and then offers the individuals the chance to participate in the moves. Individuals that have tried this game out have begun to lose weight and tone up.

This game features some of the newest and creative music that will energize the young and old. People will be jump off the chairs and begin dancing to tunes from artists such as Nicole Scherzinger , Pittbull and Yolanda Be Cool with DCUP. The cultural rhythms around the world integrate in this game so that adults, children, friends, and family enjoy it. There are sessions that offer workouts for twenty minutes, forty-five minutes, and sixty minutes. Individuals can also choose their favourites to access on their next workout preview.

This fantastic interactive dance game gives video cuing and the ability to learn from talented celebrity instructors such as Kass Martin, Erica Pierce, and Jason Thompson. Other celebrity instructors included on the game are people such as Tanya Beardsley, Beto, and Gina Pierce. These instructors add excitement and energy while showing off their talent training abilities. All of these talented instructors are present in Avatar 3D for a fun presentation of movements. The dances can be accessible in a low intensity for beginning dancers, medium intensity, and high intensity for the more experienced dancers.

The workout allows individuals to burn off large amounts of calories. It also offers the development of muscle tone and endurance. One of the greatest experiences is participating in the choreography that has been developed for this game. The Zumba Fitness Rush will help individuals to increase their metabolism, build stamina, and tone muscles quickly. With ten more routines the previous Zumba, five more venues and three additional celebrity instructors, this game and exercise video is electrifying. This is a fantastic way to get kids up off the couch and involved in exercise.

The Zumba Fitness Rush is deliverable to homes all over the world. They work in conjunction with the XBOX3 Kinect gaming console. Recently released, the game has voice control so it is easy to play hands free. Online connectivity is capable of surfing the internet, playing with others and any other things one would experience online. This game offers 50% more media information than the Zumba fitness 2 that is support from Wii gaming console. The opportunities are endless with this content full of dance styles and live Zumba classes. Check on the behind the scenes videos and instructors in your area so that you can join in one of live Zumba style classes.

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