It’s happened to everyone. You just sit down to enjoy your fresh, steaming hot mug of tea or coffee. The children are still sleeping and you are looking forward to a slow wake up. You may even have a book, newspaper or magazine you are going to leisurely flip through as you enjoy your drink. You take a sip. Aaagh! The sugar did not get stirred up and you must get up to get a spoon to stir it. You are annoyed by this, as it means you must get out of your comfortable position and dirty another spoon.

Have no fear, lazy tea drinkers everywhere! The solution to this ageless problem has arrived in the form of the Self-Stirring Mug. Yes, that’s right. No more stirring your tea until the sugar dissolves. Simply press the button on the handle and your tea will stir itself!

This fab little gadget does not only stir hot drinks. Pour your soup in and have yourself a chuckle while you watch your cracker bits spin around into a swirling vortex. Even if you don’t add sugar to your tea, you will have fun playing with this mug!

Please note that this mug is neither microwave nor dishwasher safe. Take care of this little guy for hours of endless fun and giggles. Dip your biscuit in for more fun or try some other little “experiments”. Guaranteed that you will end up doing more laughing than drinking from this mug but hey, it never hurts to have some fun.

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