Most people lust after gadgets that cost a few hundred pounds while playing with more affordable alternatives, perhaps saving their cash to splash out on a games console, mobile phone or media player. However, in the world of the super rich the sights are set much higher and the price tags soar in order to take into account the budgets of the world`s millionaires. Even if you could never conceive of actually buying the following gadgets,their very existence is testament to the fact that somewhere they are being shipped to mansions and palaces to be enjoyed in suitably opulent environments. Here are just a few of the coolest, quirkiest gadgets that are targeted at the rich and famous.

Panasonic TH-152UX1

Panasonic has always produced new display TV technologies to dazzle and impress, but the TH-152UZ1 is in a completely different league. It is 152 inches across, which means that it dwarfs most humans and is only suitable for use in the largest home cinemas. On top of being absolutely massive, the screen is also compatible with 3D technology, making it ready for 3D movies and games as they arrive. Given its size, you might imagine that even high definition content would look a little stretched and blurry, but Panasonic has opted for a native resolution of 4096×2160, which means the level of detail is astonishing. Not many sources can take advantage of this resolution yet, but it is an exciting look at the future. When the TH-152UX1 launches it could cost upwards of £100,000, so you could always remortgage your house if you do not have the cash to spare.

SimCraft Apex SC 830

Every gadget love can appreciate the finer points of videogames and the Apex SC 830 is the ultimate gaming toy that takes the experience of racing to a whole new level of immersion. It consists of a large frame with a racing seat and realistic controls mounted on a movable rack in the centre. Three individual monitors are mounted in front of the seat to show the in-game action in a surround viewing perspective and the whole thing moves in tandem with the vehicle which the user controls, emulating the rumbling of the road and the shifting weight of the car as virtual Gs are exerted on it. This gadget will set you back a cool £27,000 and it has its origins in the training of armed forces, which explains its advanced, realistic capabilities.

Triton 1000 Luxury Submersible

Whilst driving a car is practical and relatively cheap, some people like to lark about on the lakes and rivers of this world. Jet skis used to be the preserve of the super rich, but now they can go even further with the Triton 1000, a small two man submarine that costs over £1.13 million. As well as being packed with high tech equipment for navigation, it has air conditioning and leather seats to cater to the refined tastes of its occupants.

This and many other insanely expensive gadgets like it make these television sets look very tame indeed. However they are most probably more in your budget range!

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