If you enjoy watching survival experts like Bear Grylls or Ed Stafford strut their stuff on television, but you can’t help but think perhaps they’re just a bit more well-versed on the subject than you are, your worries are over. The Life Straw is a product that can actually save your life if you’re ever out in the wild, but it also has its uses in urban life, as well.

You might be familiar with water filters you can use at home, either in pitcher form or the type you connect directly to your tap. This straw functions the same way, but it’s light and portable; you can keep it in your pocket so you’re always prepared to filter your water, whether from a drinking fountain or a mud puddle.

Because it works as you drink, you can be quenching your thirst immediately instead of waiting hours for delicious purified water to drip down from the filter. It’s also much smaller than those filtered bottles; all the more reason to carry one everywhere you go! Read the rest of this entry