The iPhone was one of my favourite and most used purchases in 2009 so when I came across the website I felt like a kid in a candy shop without any pocket money!

If I had a few million in the bank would I purchase the world’s most expensive phone at a dazzling £1.93 million pound?
I guess with 130 individual .75 flawless diamonds totalling 97.5 ct and four pink baguettes diamonds each weighing 2.5ct, a lot of gold and a luxurious hand finished wallet made from real Ostrich foot. The answer would be in the extra lottery ticket I purchased today!

When you visit you will be blown away by the amazing products this company offers. Everything is unique and certainly for people that can afford things out of the ordinary. Many will be blown away by the products and craftsmanship of this type of ultimate luxury and will be happy with a purchase like this.

If you budget doesn’t stretch to the iPhone you could get a little change from £300,000 if you fancy a Wii console. You won’t be able to phone your friends on it but you will certainly be able to play some great games.

The workmanship that goes in to making this ultimate gaming console takes six months and over 2,500 grams of solid 22ct gold. The front buttons have 78 x 0.25 ct flawless diamonds which total 19.5.5 ct in total. This console is a limited edition with only three ever made. Other variations have been commissioned which can be viewed on the website.

I spent over 30 minutes on the website, most of it with my tongue hanging out and dribble down my chin.
The products on this website will enable you to see how the economy is not affecting everyone!

If you’re thinking about purchasing an iPhone and you cannot afford it in GOLD then have a look at the latest models

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