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Aqua Force Crossbow – Garden Water Toy

During the hot summer months, the Aqua Force Crossbow garden water toy delivers a cool blast of fun. It has the ability to fire water balloons up to eighty feet per launch. Children and adults eight and over will have a water blast of fun shooting these balloons off at their friends and family. What better way to keep your friends cools than by sending a blast of cool water their way? Dress up your next birthday celebration with the cold blasts of water that will be delivered by you and the Aqua Force crossbow. Read the rest of this entry

Brooklyn Freerider Skatecycle

The Brooklyn Freerider Skatecycle is the new design in skate action. This design allows skateboarders to ride in style with a unique structure generated to assist skaters to travel such as the skaters and skate boarders do with a design that twists and glides. There is no kicking or pushing of this Freerider Skatecycle because it is made of an axle that is double jointed and it travels with use of a twisting movement of the body. Eyes and heads will turn to watch this unique way of traveling. Read the rest of this entry

The awesome new XBOX 360 interactive fitness game Zumba Fitness Rush is now on the market. The Kinect work out experience is fun and effective. Dance fitness is the new workout rush that everyone is excited about and cannot wait to experience. The opportunity for a full and total body workout is innovative. Working out is no longer mundane but is now exciting and inventive. Read the rest of this entry