The VW Camper Van Tent is reminiscence of the sixties when people owned these beetle shaped bus vans. Individuals would pack into the van and run off down to the beach. Carloads of friends all wanted to pack inside the van. It held all of the beach equipment and coolers for a full day of fun.

Individuals still love the look of the VW van but now it is available in a camper tent. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they see the tent pop open forming a VW van. Camping is fun again with this tent. It is stylish and colorful, offering the campers much room and comfort.

The camper van is great to take on road trips and camp trips. It is also a good addition to the sports camping individuals and families. This tent is capable of holding a whole family in comfort. It protects from the rain or weather as well as most bugs.

Families that take this camper van tent with them on trips draw a lot of attention to themselves due to the remarkable uniquely style of tent. It is fully functional and comfortable. Everyone that sees this tent will be asking where you found it and wanting to order one for them. Imagine how it will feel to have your very own tent with the ability to go camping anytime you wish. Toss a fishing pole or cooker in the car and you are ready for the whole weekend.

Relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors with the capability to travel anywhere and anytime is given with this camper van. Purchasing one today will make you the envy of the completely campsite. Sleeping inside of one will help bring back memories of the original VW Vans and how much fun it was to have one.

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