As my job is internet based I can work from any location in the world. However I normally go no further than the bottom of my garden! YES I have the advantages of working from home which includes getting up when I wake up and finish work when I’ve finished my work! As I spent last summer in and out of the garden with my laptop I thought I would take a look at some garden log cabins this year. I didn’t realise how inexpensive they actually are considering the advantages one would give me.

Last summer it wasn’t unusual for me to grab my laptop and go sit in a deck chair. Unfortunately, with the sun beating down on the screen, it made it impossible to work efficiently. I end up having to return to the indoor office.

After looking online at some crafted log cabin I started to think to myself this is actually justifiable for others too? Perhaps you want somewhere to go to get away from the wife husband or kids? Or perhaps you want somewhere sheltered to put the hot tub in to? NOW that’s another story “HOT TUBS”!!

There are no reviews currently on this well prices log cabin – garden building so if you decide it is for you then don’t forget to leave some feedback for others.
Why not take a look at a “LOG CABIN”?
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