During these difficult economic times You Could Save has been very successful in providing companies with a low cost and effective way of publicising the goods and services they offer. I wanted to launch a review type site for Funky Products!

In January 2009 You Could Save became one of the Times Online Top 20 Best British Personal Finance Blogs.
In March 2010 You Could Save became one of the Times Online Top 25 Favourites Tweeters alongside well known brand names including a star from Dragons’ Den.

In October 2010 You Could Save became one of the Times Online Top 20 Twitter Accounts to Save You Money.

The third accreditation was so exciting and made all the hard work worthwhile!

I achieved this by offering my clients the chance to speak directly to the public through well written, readable editorials. Many senior individuals within organisations now view my articles as being more effective than traditional forms of advertising. The articles on our site gain a broader audience faster and a more immediate response to the services and messages you offer.

Now in 2011 I would like to offer my help to buyers of office related products and help office supplies companies find that all important NEW business growth.

Being proactive with social media has enabled smaller companies to have a voice and many have found the recession a place to empathise with people’s frustrations and build ideas that replace traditional brands for new enterprises.

Some businesses refused to take the internet seriously as they believed that consumers would never trust online sites over the long standing business relationships they had built up with customers over the years. Many companies left it far too late to reap the rewards of things such as an e-commerce website and even now are just realising the effects this is having on their business.

The internet is a great place to supply information and introduce your services, especially via social media. Networking your business improves your chances of gaining attention and that all important NEW Business.

Who wants to get on a buyer’s nerves? If you have something to say then why not share it with EVERYONE?.

Professional bloggers will tell you, news comes to people these days via search online and that’s why the knowledgeable businesses now see through the sales pitch and choose to use informative websites to gather the information they need.

With the Corporate Telephone Preference Service hot on the trail it won’t be long before many more businesses sign up and it becomes even harder for sales companies to make contact via the telephone.

I can help businesses save money and help suppliers increase sales!